15 Travel Essentials for Less than $15

I’m always looking for a good deal that helps make travel easier! Here’s a list of 15 incredible travel essentials for less than $15.

15 Incredible Travel Essentials for less than 15 Dollars | UnevenSidewalks

1. Waterproof Dry Sacks

I use these all the time to keep my electronics dry, but that’s just the start. I put all my clean clothes in a bigger one to keep them from molding from the high humidity in the tropics. It keeps the smell of mosquito coil smoke from permeating everything I own too!

You can even get this 3-pack for under $15!

Waterproof Dry sacks

2. Osprey Backpack Raincover

If it’s dumping rain, an umbrella or raincoat won’t help keep your backpack from getting soaked. Hopefully your electronics are in waterproof bags, but you certainly don’t want to carry around a wet backpack fora few days waiting for it to dry!

Osprey Backpack Raincover

3. Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It Cube

These are great for keeping your clothes and bathroom bag organized. The mesh helps it dry out – great for wet shavers and toothbrushes!

Packing mesh bags

4. Small Earbud Headphones

These are essential for long bus rides and for blocking out the sometimes-annoying music or movies playing way too loud.

Earbud headphones

Also good to have a Headphone Splitter if you’re traveling with someone to likes your music too!

Headphone Splitter for traveling with a Friend

5. 4-Digit Travel Lock

Everyone has one of these for hostel lockers or stowing your gear while on a long trip. I prefer ones with 4 numbers rather than 3 because it’ll take someone much longer to guess my combo!

Travel Lock with 4 digits, a Perfect Travel Essentials Compliment

6. Zipper Hardshell Sunglass Case

Got a fancy pair of glasses? Keep them from getting crushed in your backpack!

Safely stowed in the top pocket? Great, just wait until the guy standing next to you on the bus decides to sit on your backpack!

Zipper Hardshell Sunglasses Case

7. Small Folding Hairbrush With Mirror

My wife loves this because it’s the size of a small bar of soap and weighs almost nothing. I even borrow it to use the mirror for my contacts sometimes. We laugh at the chicks who pack their huge heavy hairbrushes!

Foldable Hairbrush with Mirror

8. Small Therm-A-Rest Compressible Pillow

We are so in love with this pillow! It really helps us pack light with the comforts of home. It rolls up and squishes to the size of a kid-sized football

Thermarest compressible travel Pillow

9. Travel Towel

Besides using your t-shirt to dry off with, this is the next lightest thing to bring along. It wrings out well, and my wife and I even share one to save more weight.

Quick Drying Travel Towel

10. Merino Wool No-Show Socks

Wool socks keep your feet warm and dry, no matter if you’re tromping through puddles or hiking up volcanoes. These are the perfect low-cut size, and super lightweight!

No-Show Low-Cut Wool Socks11. Salt & Pepper Shaker

Before you scoff, how many times have you eaten eggs cooked without salt? How about an avocado? We save a big chuck of our travel money by cooking our own food in hostel kitchens. And even though salt costs about 25 cents a bag, they don’t usually have it around to use for cooking. Just bring the salt side of this pack and you won’t regret it!

Salt and Pepper Shaker

12. Apple Lightning and Micro USB 2-in-1 Charging Cable

Long cables get tangled up and weigh a lot if you have more than one. This one’s the perfect size, and even has both the iPhone 5/6 Lightning and Micro USB connectors.

Apple Lightning and Micro USB 2-in-1 Short Charging Cable

13. Micro USB to older iPhone Converter Tip

This small adapter is perfect if you’re old-school like me and have an iPhone 4S/4/3 or iPad 3 or older and want a small adapter.

Micro USB to iPhone 4S, 4, 3 30-pin Converter Tip

14. Apple Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader

Being able to back up your awesome pictures on an iPhone or iPad is invaluable on a trip! Leave your laptop at home and just copy them to your iPhone. From there blast them to Dropbox and Facebook!

Apple Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader

15. 3-Outlet Electrical Splitter

Another potential groaner, I know. Unless… you’ve been at the airport or a bus terminal and have had to wait in line to charge your phone 7% so you can find your way using your saved directions or Pocket Earth map, or just NEED to play one more level of Angry Birds!

No more lines! Just pop this guy in and charge the 3rd person a dollar to use the extra outlet!

3-Outlet Electrical Splitter

This 3 Prong to 2 Prong Electrical Adapter is the last one’s little brother. I’ve tried to fit my 3-prong laptop plug into 2-prong wall outlets too many times. I’m always surprised how many times I actually use this!

3 to 2 Prong Electrical Adapter

Hopefully you found some of these things useful too! Keep on traveling!

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