A Hidden Buddhist Temple in the Jungles of Thailand 4

“Are you sure we’re going the right way?”

“Does that overgrown muddy trail look like something he would’ve called a road?”

Alyssa and I were hiking through rows of cassava plants searching for a Buddhist Temple in the jungle our friend had told us about. Both our shirts were soaked with sweat and we had paused under a sliver of shade to go over our directions for the fifth time.

They were pretty simple. “Turn left along the main road and turn right at your second road and you’ll find it. Well, maybe you turn left… Well, right or left and it’ll be right there.”

We weren’t sure if we were counting roads the same, or if we were even heading in the right direction. The map on my iPhone had lots of roads on it, but the temple was maybe too small to be listed.

“Maybe we should go back and have another try early tomorrow morning before the sun gets so hot. Maybe we shouldn’t have brought the quadcopter and camera along…” We grudgingly decided to keep going – it couldn’t be that much further.

Then we saw it, waaay off in the distance between the hills!

Buddhist Temple in the Jungle seen in the distance

Our spirits jumped now that we had seen the finish line!

We passed another overgrown road, making road number 4, and decided it was too muddy to lead us to the temple that had now disappeared from sight. A mile later and a few more turns we came to a sign in Thai and we knew we were close!

Welcome Sign at the Temple Entrance

Hidden Buddhist Temple in the Jungle

We had made it at last! The parking lot was packed because it was Buddhust Lent Day, and nobody else seemed to have walked. And here we are, showing up all hot and sweaty when everyone else hops out of an air-conditioned car or motorcycle. That’s alright, we have to burn off our ice cream calories somehow!

Beautiful Ornate Buddhist Temple with gold Carvings and Detailed Engravings

There were quite a few temples and statues all around the grounds. The buildings were so shiny and beautiful – they looked like they had just been painted yesterday. The statues and engravings were so intricate and detailed. I wondered how old each of them was.

Snake Head

Aerial Video – Hidden Buddhist Temple in the Jungles of Thailand

The view of the temple from above with my DJI quadcopter was amazing! It was tucked in the hills and looked so peaceful. I’m glad Alyssa didn’t convince me to leave the drone behind!

The hills surrounding the temples were so lush and covering. It would be a very quiet place to live and study.

Aerial Photography of Buddhist Temple in Thailand Jungle among the Green Jungle Hills


Statues in Courtyard


Serpents Guarding the Sacred Stairs


Fancy Dragon Head Statue


Buddha Statue with Dog Chilling out


Farmland with Cassava Plants from the Air

I’m glad we made it to the hidden Buddhist temple in the jungle so we could share it with you!

How long would YOU have hiked before turning around!?

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