Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

Here’s a few of my favorite pictures from the past week.

Favorite Church Picture – Grecia, Costa Rica

Grecia Church in Costa Rica

The Grecia church has a few old wives’ tales surrounding it because it’s different than all the other churches in Costa Rica. It’s dark red and made of all metal, while most others are made of brick and painted brighter colors.

One wives’ tale says it was donated by another country to Greece, but it ended up in Grecia (Spanish for Greece) instead. Another says it was supposed to be shipped to Punta Arenas in the tip of Chile, but it ended up in the port of Puntarenas in Costa Rica instead.

Some people say it was actually ordered from Belgium by a rich coffee baron in Costa Rica – this one is probably the most likely, but still strange!

Favorite Flower Arrangement

Friday Favorites Flower Arrangement

Chao Mints

These mints will blow your mind. And nope, they don’t have them at Walmart in the US. Or on Amazon… You’ll have to visit Central America to give ’em a try.

Chao Mint Candies

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