Jet Ski Island Tour – The Best Way to See Langkawi

Langkawi is the largest island in a cluster of over 100 islands off the coast of mainland Malaysia. You can get a good idea of how expansive this area of ocean and islands really are from the airplane when you arrive.

Langkawi Islands from the Plane

Langkawi – an Island Wonderland

How in the world can you grasp the beauty of all these islands when you only have a few days to visit? An island jet ski tour! Easily the fastest (and most fun!) way to see the islands is to zip around on a jet-ski. There is no other perfect combination! Sun, sea, sand, and fun!

Jet Skis with Cliffs on Island Jet Ski Tour in Langkawi

Jet Ski Island Tour

It was a beautiful morning as we arrived at the beach for our jet ski tour. The days can get hot so it was a good idea to get going before the heat of the day! The ocean is a lot calmer in the morning too, so we were feeling pretty excited to tear it up on the jet skis! Right on the beach is a wooden hut where they offer the jetski tours. Look for Mega Water Sports and you’ll find they have a great selection of tours. We booked the Dayang Bunting Island Tour – a 4 hour tour visiting 8 islands!

Jet Skis at Beach ready for island tour

We were a group of 6 jet skis plus our guide. We learned all about the “V” formation we were to drive in to prevent crashes and to allow us to drive faster. There was a lot of water to cover and islands to explore! Our tour included a visit to 8 of the islands, cave formations, swimming in the open water among the limestone cliffs, snorkeling, and a stop at the UNESCO Geopark where there’s a freshwater lake!

Landon Alyssa Swimming in the Open Water in Langkawi

 Landon Driving Jet Ski Landon Alyssa on Jet Ski 

After getting to our first stop with the jet skis we jumped in the water to cool off – it was hot out! Here we could yell and hear our echo! So cool! The limestone cliffs are mesmerizing! We could only imagine all the caves that are still undiscovered on those sheer cliffs!

Navigating Through the Caves

Next we went into cruise mode and slowly navigated our way underneath the cliff overhangs. The water was crystal clear and we could see lots of colorful fish swimming around. We were crossing our fingers that none of the rocks were deciding to fall that day! It’s absolutely stunning to be able to drive under these HUGE cliffs!

Driving Through Cave on Jet Ski

Jet Skis under overhanging cliff

At one point, the guide informed us we were going to navigate through a cave. It’s only possible when the tide is low and we were lucky to go right through! It was tricky to keep the jet ski straight and not hit the walls! We made it through without a scratch but a few in our group got nervous and couldn’t keep the jet ski straight and kept bumping into the rock walls! 

Jet Ski Cave

Check out the video of us going through the cave and cruising around the islands!

The Maiden Lake Geoforest Park

We made our way through the ocean waves over to the Geopark to explore the fresh water lake. There were tons of swimming activities going on like kayaking, paddle boating, swimming, scuba diving, etc! These are extra activities to do at the lake, but we didn’t have much time there. You can even get your feet nibbled on by catfish if you’d like – not me! It felt great to get in the fresh water after being in the salt water all day!

 Dayang Bunting Geopark Swimming at Lake View of the Fresh Water Lake 

Snorkeling on a White Sandy Beach

We both really enjoy snorkeling so we were pretty excited to stop at another one of the islands and explore the water. We were surprised to find the water wasn’t as clear as we had expected. The coral seemed gray, and there were very few fish. It might have just been the place we stopped but the snorkeling was nothing like what we experienced in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. From above, the water was beautiful and sparkling! The white sandy beaches made it feel like paradise! 

Alyssa with Jet Skis

White Sandy Beaches

Our day went fast as we were flying through the Andaman Sea checking out all the islands. We knew we would easily fall in love with Langkawi after a trip like this! The pictures do not do it justice – the majesty of the cliffs in Langkawi are stunning!

If you are looking for a fun way to explore all of the islands and cliffs, a jet ski tour is a great way! It’s a little bit of a splurge, but so worth it! After all, who doesn’t love jetting around at fast speeds on a jet ski in open waters! Fun!

A special thanks to Naturally Langkawi and all the crew at Mega Water Sports for this amazing tour exploring the Langkawi islands!

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