Packing List for South America Trip 4

The Packing List takes such a long time to finalize, and in the end hopefully there’s not much on it. Here is our exact packing list for a 4 month trip to South America. These lists include what we’re wearing, so that saves you a little space in your backpack!

Packing List

Packing List For a 4 Month Trip to South America – for Alyssa

Packing list for a girl's clothes all laid out on table


  • 7 short sleeve
  • 1 long sleeve
  • 1 lace crop-top to dress up casual clothes





Bathroom Bag:

Backpack & Misc:

Packing List For a 4 Month Trip to South America – for Landon

Packing list for a boy's clothes all laid out on table




  • 1 Jeans (my lightweight zip-off pants got too big before we left so I had to leave them behind- not the best idea to take jeans but now I have a smaller size of lightweight pants)
  • 1 Tan RVCA pants
  • 2 Shorts
  • 1 Gym shorts



Bathroom Bag:

  • 1 pair reading glasses
  • Toothbrush, floss, paste


  • 2 Small Spanish Bibles and 2 Hymn books
  • Small Notepad – for taking Spanish notes

Backpack & Misc:

All clothes packed in two stacks of waterproof bags

All clothes packed in waterproof bags, Alyssa’s on the left and Landon’s on the right

Shared Packing List (depending on whose backpack still has room :)

Entire Packing List laid out on table - Clothes, Electronics, Books, and Misc.

Entire Packing List – Clothes, Electronics, Books, and Misc.

Electronics (shared):

Miscellaneous / Shared stuff for L&A:


  • Flight info
  • Vaccines
  • Passports & 2 extra copies
  • Debit & Credit cards – each carry 1 credit card and 2 debit cards
  • List of address/phone numbers of family/emergency contacts
  • Trip itinerary

Day bag contents (make sure this will all fit in regular backpack too) this is just what we usually carry on the bus with us:

  • Water bottle
  • Toilet Paper
  • Sunscreen
  • Hand lotion
  • Kleenex
  • Snacks
  • iPad & iPhone
  • Headphones
  • Chapstick
  • Pen & small notebook


It looks like a long packing list, but it’s every single thing that we brought. It’s not much for a packing list for our South America trip, but it all fits in our backpacks!

Leave a comment if you have any favorite gear you don’t leave home without!

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4 thoughts on “Packing List for South America Trip

    • Landon Post author

      We went during the summer so while it was still cold out, it wasn’t freezing. We also left all our gear at the hostel we stayed at the night before and picked it up when we got back. We only took camping gear that we had rented in Puerto Natales. Most hostels have locked closets for you to leave your belongings so that is what we did. Otherwise, we would have had no room for the sleeping bags, stove, food, etc… Are you going to Patagonia?