Post Listing and Tracking – Template File

I created this template file from my main spreadsheet to show other bloggers the tip of the iceberg of my workflow in posting articles on this website. I use it to track my post listings and the things that need to be checked, filled out, and completed before posting on my website. It also serves as a master listing of every webpage and post I have produced for future linking.

Workflow – Dependent

It may seem jumbled at first, but it makes sense for my workflow with multiple editors and authors on various projects. It’s constantly being changed depending on what I need for certain post types and plugins. I ignore certain columns if they don’t apply or if I find that I don’t need to be reminded about a certain task any more. There are probably 100 more tasks that aren’t listed (especially for pictures), or that I keep track of elsewhere, so this isn’t everything all wrapped up with a bow on top.

One behind-the-scenes trick to notice is in the “Status” column. I have it set to color the entire row green if it says “Pub” for published and yellow if it says “Draft.” The settings are under the “Conditional Formatting” menu if you want to change things. Be careful.

I’ve also included sheets that I use to keep track of my YouTube videos, editorial queue calendar, and basic advertising.

Store It On Dropbox

I store this on Dropbox to always share the most recent version with other editors around the world. Every time I save the file in Excel it uploads a new version to the Dropbox cloud. They even have a feature in Excel where you can collaborate with other editors who are using the same file on Dropbox at the same time so you don’t save over their changes accidentally. I make a local backup copy regularly in case something gets out of line.

I Use Microsoft Excel

I don’t use Google Docs or Sheets for this because it is too slow, lacks some functionalities I use, and I need to edit the file locally when I can’t connect to the internet.

Good luck, and feel free to delete what I’ve written and make your own sheets that jive with your specific workflow.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Post Listing & Tracking File - Template Screenshot

Click here to download the excel template file