Summer Boating on the Colorado River

Summer mornings in the boat are always the best. The cool breeze hitting my face and the anticipation of slicing through the smooth water will stay in my memory for months. I glance to the side and notice how the golden sunrise reflects off the smooth ripples of the boat.

Everything’s so peaceful and calm. No other boats are around – everyone’s still sleeping.

It doesn’t matter that the alarm rang way too early and woke us out of the deepest sleep of the night. That’s the best time to find glass on the river.

This was one of my favorite flights with my DJI quadcopter drone. The setting was perfect and the skiers and wakeboarders were amazing.

Boating on the River – Aerial Video


So who’s up first?

She must have won rock, paper, scissors to get first dibs on that glassy water!

Alyssa Tearing up the Glassy Water on a Ski

Wakeboarding, skiing, skurfing? Take your pick. They’re all fun! And all tough to master.

Jumping the Wake on a Wakeboard in the Air

Landon Skurfing on the River

This is definitely Alyssa’s happy place, if you couldn’t tell by that huge smile on her face!

Alyssa Full of Smiles

Skiing on the Lake

It’s hard to believe that a place this beautiful is in the middle of the dry desert.

Desert Mountains by the Colorado River

After hours of jumps, cuts, and belly flops, I only had the strength for one more sunset ride.

Riding a Wakeboard in the Sunset

Tearing it up Skurfing on a Huge Wake

Gorgeous Sunset on the Colorado River

Boating at Sunset on the River

Thanks River. We’ll see you again next summer.

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