The Hardest Thing to Part With 2

We were surprised at how easy it was to let go of most of our belongings.

The cars, boat, furniture, garage tools, kitchen accessories, clothes, etc. were all big parts of our lives, and weren’t just another thing to get rid of. We sold them without a tear though, and sometimes were anxious to clear out piles of things that were left after a garage sale.

Garage Sale with cars and people

The house was pretty hard to leave. We had gone through quite a few hurdles to buy it and had finally made it our home. We invested so many nights fixing it up and remodeling it. We had finally made it what we wanted and felt comfortable and relaxed in it. We ended up finding some nice tenants, so it was a bit of a relief to feel like they would take care of it. It felt like what I would imagine sending your kid off to college for the first time would be like.

The Hardest Thing to Part With Was Our Cat, Jade.

We rescued her from a hard life of eating trash one cold night 2 years ago and she won our hearts from the first day. She had a bite wound on her leg that we helped fix up, and she always seemed grateful to us for getting her all healed up. We had been turned into cat lovers.

Our cat Jade in a box - the hardest thing to part with

Our cat Jade ready to go with us on our trip.

Sometimes she was so playful and excited she seemed like a dog. I would play fetch with her by flicking a hair rubber-band down the hall – sometimes 20 times in a row! Other times she would fall asleep so hard that nothing could wake her up. She liked doing this on Alyssa’s back at night – good heating blanket!

Our cat Jade working on the computer - the hardest thing to part with
Thankfully Alyssa’s parents offered to take her for us so we didn’t have to give her away on craigslist. She has adjusted well there and sometimes we get to chat with her on Skype. She usually isn’t too interested and doesn’t like that much attention. Sometimes she gets along with the other cat they have, but usually only from across the room.


Since this post is dedicated to our cat, I’d better post a few pictures, right? All good things on the internet have cats anyways, so this page seems almost necessary for this website.


We would love to hear from all you other cat lovers out there!

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  • Jeff hertz

    I really enjoy following your blog! You guys are so courageous in your venture! I bet that you are enjoying some really neat privileges that you wouldn’t otherwise get to experience. Thank you for sharing it with us.