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We are Landon and Alyssa Carlson, who sold everything to move to another country and travel around the world. We created this website to share our stories, photos, and tips we’ve learned along the way.

Whether you are a first time traveler or a seasoned world-trotter, we hope our experiences and stories encourage and inspire you to follow your dream and to take the jump into the unknown.

Get to know us a little better and we hope you enjoy our stories and travels!

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Leaving the US
$$ Money $$
Travel Planning
Travel Gear and Gadgets
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Leaving the US

Cookie cakes at going away party with California map and Costa Rica map and flags

How We Told Our Families We Were Leaving

How to Sell Everything (More on eBay, Craigslist, & Garage Sales)

The Hardest Thing to Part With

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$$ Money $$

20 thousand colones bills paper money with butterfly design and coins from Costa Rica

8 Tips to Save Money Before Your Big Trip

Managing Your Money While Traveling

6 Tips to Save Money While Traveling

Tips for Hiding Money

Trail Wallet App Review – Awesome Travel App for Managing Money

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Long Term Traveling – The Basics & Organization

Map with Let's Get Lost Together travel saying

We made it a year! Reflections on 1 Year of Living Abroad and Traveling

Backing Up Your Computer Files – The Most Important Laptop Insurance

Encryption and Passwords for Secure Digital Nomads

How to Travel the World as a Married Couple

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Travel Planning

Amaszonas commuter jet in Bolivia with blue sky

Tips for Planning a Travel Itinerary

Border Crossings and Visas

Geocaching – A Great Way to Explore While Traveling!

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Travel Gear and Gadgets

Table filled with our entire packing list including clothes, laptops, camera

15 Incredible Travel Essentials for Less than $15

How to Travel Light

Our Packing List For a 3 Month Trip to South America

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