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We aren’t usually a “follow the crowd” type of people. 


Photo Credit: Banker In The Sun

Actually most people would say we march to beat of our own drum. We felt a “little late to game” when we considered going to South East Asia. We hear so many typical statements like,”It’s not worth going because there are too many tourists.” “Tourists make it overrated.” “Along with everyone else and their mom.”

You know what, who cares?


It’s really exciting and we have every reason to be enthusiastic! There is beauty in every country regardless of how many tourists there are. In fact, tourists make a place seem more interesting in a way. We do like the “untouched” areas and rural cities but places that have become popular aren’t any less beautiful! 

asia map

Photo Credit: Thailand Maps

Here’s some of the things that drew us towards planning a South East Asia Trip:

1. Cuisine

First of all, we love Thai food! Always have and always will. Well, that is, American Thai food haha! We are totally aware that actual Thai food might be a little bit different but we are really excited to try it! We love the different spices and flavors in Asian food and are even looking forward to the food in the surrounding countries! 

We’ve already been preparing by putting hot sauce on everything we eat to get used to eating spicier foods!

Thai Food

Photo Credit: Stmargarets Belfast


2. Language

We are both language gurus and really enjoy immersing in the local language as much as possible. We are trying to learn a few words and phrases before we go. Since we have had so much Spanish immersion we were laughing thinking about how different it is going to be in SE Asia! We are probably going to get confused and then go off in Spanish.

Big time language cataloging coming up! 

3. Culture

It’s one of those things that are really inspiring. We keep thinking Asia is going to be a completely different world than anything we have ever experienced. We are probably right. It’s going to be a big eye opener but it’s exciting! Learning about new cultures and living it first-hand is one of the best learning experiences anyone can hope to have! 

thai people

Photo Credit: Thailands World


4. Country

When we were in Chile, it has one of the most profound landscapes and countryside we had ever seen. Patagonia is just powerful and leaves you breathless. Literally too!

We are looking forward to the landscapes of SE Asia and of course those beautiful beaches! White sand and blue water make for awesome pictures!

thailand beach

Photo Credit: Travel Monkey


5. Aerial

The crisp, clear, blue water in aerial photos makes me excited to fly my quadcopter over the lush islands and capture some breathtaking pictures and videos from the air.

Mission Beach from the sky Aerial Travel Photography

We are flying out of Chicago in the beginning of August for Bangkok, Thailand! We hope to have around 4-5 months in Southeast Asia.

From Thailand we will head to Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Back to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and hopefully Bali! So much to see so we may have to extend our trip longer if we fall in love with it. We will see! 

Any tips or favorite memories from South East Asia? We would love to hear what you think!

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