Friday Favorites 2

Happy Friday!

Here’s a few of my favorite pictures from the past week.

Favorite Fountain – Finca in Guanacaste

30 seconds after I took this picture I was taking a video and a bull came up and took a drink from the water. Classic!

Watch the video here!

Waterfall in Guanacaste Costa Rica

Favorite River Shot – Palo Verde National Park

Tempisque River in Costa Rica

Favorite Car Tool – OBD-II Code Reader

I used this a few days ago, believe it or not! Our car had the dreaded check engine light on so I plugged in this tiny wireless transmitter and in 30 seconds a free app on my phone told me some engine air fuel sensors had an error.

It didn’t sound too drastic to me, so I cleared the codes and am waiting for them to appear again. Sometimes engine codes get triggered if the car is too warm or cold when it’s started, so if they are show up again I’ll know it isn’t a false alarm.

Favorite OBD-II Code Reader

If I had brought the car to a mechanic they could have charged me hundreds of dollars for anything they wanted and been completely unnecessary. If it was a real problem, I’d have some insider knowledge to match up with what the car repair shop would tell me is wrong.

I got mine from! For iPhone/iPad fans. For Android fans.

National Theatre in San Jose, Costa Rica

National Theatre in San Jose, Costa Rica on Friday Favorites

Favorite Aerial Shot – Tempisque River

That’s our boat down there!

Aerial Photography over Boat in Palo Verde National Park

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