We Won A Liebster Award! 10

We won a Liebster Award! That means people like what we are writing and sharing! This is exciting news!

Thanks to Uelito over at Flashpacking The World for the nomination! It’s such a fun experience to connect with others in the blogging community!



So what is a Liebster Award?

A Liebster Award is a way for other bloggers to recognize other bloggers they like. It helps bloggers discover other blogs and welcome them to the community! It’s a fabulous idea! We are honored to be a part of it!

The Awarding Process?

When you are nominated by another blogger, you are asked to answer 11 questions that they pose to you in a post on your blog. Then you are to nominate five more bloggers of your choice and ask them 11 original questions of your own! This keeps the award going and recognizes bloggers everywhere! Tag your nominees in your social media so they can participate!

Here We Go!

1. What is on top of your bucket list?

Ah, the bucket list question. It’s a tough one. I have so many it’s hard to define what is #1. Although a few of my top favorites would be Diving at the Great Barrier Reef, volunteering at an Elephant Orphanage, & going on a few month long sailing trip in the Caribbean.


2. Which are your favorite three songs on your music player?

I See Fire – Feat. Jasmine Thompson by Addal

Are You With Me? – Lost Frequencies

Darte Un Beso – Prince Royce

3. What is your favorite travel accessory?

Dry Sacks. I wouldn’t be able to travel without them! We use them for keeping our things dry and for packing. They are color coded which helps for organizing what goes in each bag. We travel with just one 45 liter backpack so having both our stuff combined in one bag makes it hard to keep organized. Or would if we didn’t have the dry sacks! Truly a time and stress saver!

Dry Sacks

4. If you would have to spend a day in the body of someone else, who would you pick and why?

Tim Ferris. I am super intrigued by his perspectives and business outlooks. It would be so interesting to see what a day in his life is like. I’ve read his books and continue to be inspired by him. One of my friends got to meet him the other day, pretty neat!

5. What is your favorite animal and why?

My favorite animal is the Ocelot because it’s small like a cat, but rough and tough like a tiger. The intricate spots on its fur are amazing! We saw our first Ocelot in Ecuador at this amazing zoo and I’ve been hooked ever since! Here is the video of that first time. Pretty awesome! Alyssa loves the monkeys! I think I have about a million monkey pictures now!

6. If I would pay you a month in any place of the world, where would you go?

To China. Only because it’s somewhat difficult for Americans to get a travel visa and pricy as well! I’d take advantage of it since that part would be covered and then we could visit the great wall of China! We’ve seen a lot of really beautiful pictures of places to visit in China!

7. North America or South America?

South America! After our long-term travel down south, we fell in love with the culture and landscapes! The mountains and lakes are incredible! Although since we are from North America, I must say we have some pretty beautiful things too! We are drawn to the Latin American Culture, so we love spending time in South America!


8. What are your top 5 countries you would like to visit next?

We are planning a trip to Southeast Asia in August! We hope to visit Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, & Indonesia. Hopefully after that trip we will still have time and money to visit the countries in South America we haven’t been to yet – just the northern countries such as Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil, Paraguay, Guyana, Suriname, & French Guiana! Only 7 more countries left in South America!

9. If you were on a deserted island, what would be the 5 items you would bring with you?

After being on the islands in Bocas Del Toro in Panama, I hope I get deserted on an island. Beautiful! Just kidding, I would probably go crazy after a while! I would want to have with me my pocketknife, a lighter, a flashlight, a camera, and a chicken. You know, for eggs.


10. What is your best travel memory?

We love to chase waterfalls so of course, Iguazu Falls in Argentina was my favorite! I was worried it was over hyped but it did not disappoint. Absolutely incredible! Alyssa is from the desert so one of her favorite memories is seeing an avalanche in Patagonia. It was one of those stop-and-stare moments. Really incredible!


11. What’s your hometown and is it worth a trip?

Dana Point, California. It’s big on tourism and worth the trip. Lots of beaches and surfing. It’s a very typical Cali beach town. The Pacific Coast Highway is a beautiful trip to do! Especially if you camp at the beaches along the way. There are really gorgeous lookout spots. Alyssa is from a small desert town, there is lots of fun things to do but being a small town, not much for tourism. Small town life with a river. It can be very relaxing!


 Our Nominees:

Kirsty & Chris at Two Travel Far

Vicky at Buddy The Traveling Monkey

Claire & Scott at Postcard To Home

Jenna at This Is My Happiness

John & Heather at Roaming Around The World

If you were nominated, here are your questions:

1. What motivates you to travel?

2. What item do you carry with you that makes you feel at home?

3. What is the funniest incident you’ve had while traveling?

4. What is a common attribute among other travelers that you notice and that annoys you or encourages you?

5. Do you have a fan club, friends and family who support your travels (So awesome what you are doing!), or do you have to support your decision to travel on your own. (No I’m not crazy, just enjoying life)

6. What has been the most difficult obstacle you’ve faced while traveling?

7. What has been your best food experience while traveling?

8. What are your budgeting techniques while traveling and how do you keep track of your spending?

9. How do you maintain your health while traveling? Staying fit, eating healthy, etc…

10. What do you enjoy most about traveling?

11. How has traveling changed your life?

Be sure to tag @UnevenSidewalks when you post your answers! I’d love to read all of them! Happy Travels!

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10 thoughts on “We Won A Liebster Award!

  • John

    Hey guys! Thanks so much for the nomination. Will try to get our post up later this week!
    Completely agree with you about Iguazu! We were just blown away. Really a powerful place! Also, hooray for dry sacks! We actually only added one to our travel gear a few months ago and I don’t know how we’ve gone so long without it. Hope you guys enjoy SE Asia on your upcoming trip! Thanks again for the nom and happy travels!

  • Rocio

    Loved all your answers :-) I would like to volunteer at an elephant orphanage as well, would be a dream come true! Got “I see fire” and “Darte un beso” in my Ipod as well , what a coincidence? I am curious about the dry bags, has it ever happened to you that you drop your bag into the sea? or is it for protection against the rain?

    Bye guys :-)

    • Landon Post author

      How funny about the songs! Must be because they are fun ones! The dry bags we mostly use for just organizing our things. We like them better than space cubes because you can sit on them and the air out which compresses the things in the bag more (mostly clothes). We also use the dry bags for the camera when traveling in the rain. It was useful on the boat ride at Iguazu Falls in Argentina because the boat ride was wet one! They have many uses, which is why we love them!